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Buyers placing orders ahead of time without uploading working materials

Hey everyone,

This is just a small rant. My services include logo animation, motion design and more which all requires working materials. Recently, a few buyers (they know they are) are purchasing gigs without uploading the materials and making such statements as “hold, on, I’ll have the materials for you in a day or so” . I find this a waste of time and disrepectful, sometimes I let the order stay for maximum 24hrs if it is due in 3 days, but the buyers keep cancelling saying, “I’ll have the ‘materials’ for you shortly” , naturally I sent another cancellation request.

Dear buyers (you know who you are) please stop doing this, it is frustrating, annoying and down right disrespectful as you run our service into late status, affecting our ratings and so forth if it persists and yet still want your orders on time. Please stop it!

Best Regards,

Frustrated Seller

Hi! Yes this is very frustrating. This has happened to me quite a few times. I don’t understand why they do this. Maybe adding a line in the gig description will help us?
“order only when you have all the required information”

Would you believe it has been 3 days going back and forth with this buyer, cancelling, him un-cancelling not wanting to take refunds telling me I must do this for you etc etc. To which I brought up an illustration that if he although paid for a plane ticket decides he wants to go home to eat food while the plane is there that he expects the airline to wait on him. I sent a message to Fiverr support, still waiting for them to sort this mess out because it is getting frustrating with this buyer. I mean if someone sends you a refund, won’t you take it and move on especially if you are at fault, why are some buyers so childish.

Thank you customer support for so ably taking care of this matter. SOLVED