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Buyers placing orders without discussing it first

I regularly get orders from buyers for $5 without them discussing the order with me first. How can we avoid this? Why not introduce a feature where the seller is also given the option to accept the order prior to the clock starting to tick? I often have to ask for mutual cancellation when I get orders from buyers who have not discussed anything with me. I don’t even know the scope of the work before the order is placed. And of course buyers expect to pay $5 to get the complete job done and no more. How can I avoid this in the future? Yes I’ve asked buyers to discuss their orders first before placing the orders. But many buyers just don’t follow my simple instructions before placing an order. fiverr needs to do something about this. Thanks.

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You really need to offer a $5 gig. By not clearly stating what you offer for $5, the customer can only assume you do it all for $5 and there is no need to clarify through messaging you. I understand that you want an opportunity to give a custom quote.

Why not offer 2 things. A logo splash for $5. I will take your company logo and present it using a zoom effect with background music splash. As an upgrade offer something for $25.00 (100 word voice over from your provided script, incorporate your logo and up 4 addition images that you supply.). This second option should be a frequently ordered combination that you can make money on.

If your needs are different, please message me for a quote.

You give your customer 2 options for immediate order. Hopefully it is designed to where less than 20% of the people take the $5 offer. 60% of the people take the $25 option and 20% ask for a quote. This is the same model that the fast food restaurant uses in regard to the dollar menu. They don’t cancelled your order when they see that the dollar items are all you want to order?

Really work towards the “productized service” model. Custom quotes raise your costs from 200%-400%. While you’re charging more, your time investment goes through the roof.

Here is a sample of my main gig that is paused. It offers 2 options. Notice that 100 words is approximately 40 seconds. Most people’s web videos are 150-300 words which require a customized quote only involving a simple word count. I don’t offer larger videos using gig extras. Only custom quotes. Larger videos are more time consuming and are actually more expensive per word, not necessarily cheaper.

Lately, I get enough repeat customers, I am unable to take new customer orders.

Some people just can’t read :frowning:


yes i am agree .some buyers make request without confirmation of time .Some of them are just doing to decrease the rating and did not accept the work after done good job.

Recently i have done work of buyer and first he accepted after 6 hours he marked it canclle the order and didnot pay for my work and also decrease my 100% rating to 87%.Fiverr should do to solve such kind of issues of sellers other wise it would be a very negative point for fiverr as well as buyer and especially for sellers.thanks

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I’ve used Fiverr several times via my desktop computer and was always asked for additional information or to contact the seller. Tonight, I downloaded the app for iphone and used it for the first time. It accepted the logo request, took my $5 and started the clock, saying my job was in process. HOWEVER, it didn’t ask me for any information! Not about the logo, the concept, not anything at all, yet, the clock was ticking! I ended up sending a separate note to the designer. Unless I missed something, the app needs revision, otherwise, lots of Fiverr sellers will be getting jobs without any details.

This is a topic that has been discussed quite a bit on the forum and to be honest, I never read a definitive answer to this problem. Your suggestion for an Accept Button is one that has been suggested several times but for it to happen Fiverr has to make it happen.

My only suggestion is to make the Accept Button an optional setting for each gig. Some gigs are pretty straight forward and may not want or need for the buyer to contact them while other gigs need to be discussed before ordering.

Lets keep our fingers crossed that fiverr is listening.

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Reply to @steveeyes: Thank you Steve for your reply. I don’t visit this forum regularly so I was not aware of this discussion before. But thanks, I hope fiverr will take actions to implement the accept button.

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Does your gig clearly state at teh top, Please Message me Before Ordering?

If not you should ad that. Also, every sellers is supposed to have a basic gig that they offer for $5. So if you are getting way too many sales that you need to more fully understand the scope of the project before you can do it, then you may need to possibly revise your gig to make it more clear.

I really hate this, but I found one effective way to avoid it. In all my gigs, I place a CAPITALIZED INSTRUCTION IN THE FIRST LINE OF THE GIG DESCRIPTION that they should contact me first before ordering.

Second, I added some disclaimers as well in the “Instructions to Buyer” section so they’ll know what they get for the $5.

So far, it’s been good, and many graciously contact me first. Those who buy immediately are so far, those who have thoroughly read the descriptions and gig extras before ordering.

However, once in a while, you get those who wish to buy $5 for work that’s worth $50. When I saw that the buyer’s purchased gig of $5 was asking for way more than what is basic (and more than I could deliver), I sent a nice professional message declining the gig and offering the mutual cancellation. The buyer still bitched about how disappointed they were in me -_- And I haven’t even done anything except maybe save them (and myself) a world of hurt. They accepted the cancellation, but they still bitched in the message.

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I have someone ordered my book illustration gig and left me this “intrusion”: "do you do book illustrations?"

I seriously need an accept button.

Reply to @teecelise: Was it a different gig than you usually order? We can set our gigs to require additional information from the buyer before the countdown starts (we write the message). After they respond to that request, the order kicks in.

If we don’t add that requirement, the order will just go through and the countdown will start immediately. So it’s possible you ordered from a gig where the seller didn’t add the instructions.

I have also faced this issue today. One of my buyer mistakenly ordered my GIG and then asked to cancel it. Now if I cancel it, then my Order Completion Rate will be affected. I have also contacted fiverr support but they got angry on me. They were also saying that either I have to cancel it and let destroy my Order Completion Rate for buyer’s mistake. Is it fair ? Why would I destroy my Order Completion Rate for buyer’s mistake ?

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