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Buyers playing funny

So I had this buyer which wanted my services done super fast, I told him that I could do so but he had to pay an extra fee, he did not realize that and cancel the order. I told him that I was going to do the fast delivery with out asking that extra fee (was stated on my package offers). I delivered as quick as I could and ask him politely to accept the delivery, he then told me: why the rush? I said no problem, that I was doing so because I wanted to provide the best customer service possible. A day later he asked for a revision, everything was ok and I believe that he had a typo or something when he was trying to log in. After clarifying him and asking to double check he said that he was going to do so. since then no answer and he even changed the log in password (providing an account was part of my gig) and still no answer neither on the chat or accepting the delivery.

Should I still wait to see whats his move or should I contact CS immediately?

Also, I understand that deliveries autocomplete after 3 days, this particular time resets every time the buyer asks for a revision or it keeps running after the first delivery?

Thank y’all!

It resets every time the buyer asks for a delivery. I had someone drag me a month with revisions every 2-3 days. Obviously they were a reseller, and I guess their client was not answering. So yeah, it can take a while to get paid if they ask for revisions often.

Thanks for replying!
The thing is that I can’t do more revisions (in fact when he requested it he said that one credential was wrong, I checked and it was fine maybe he had a typo or something), I already delivered the product and he even changed the passwords and all the credentials meaning that he has now full access to the product (when he requested the revision, the password was still the same). Any advice here?

Of your order is in revision right now then it wouldn’t autocomplete itself unless you redeliver your order.

I redelivered Sunday like at 9am and since then no answer or no reply by him. I can’t redeliver anymore it was a unique product. I am waiting to see his move but I’m not quite sure what can I do? Lastly I would rather prefer to have that in revision indefinitely that getting a charge back and him getting back his money and staying with the product. Any advice?