Buyers, Please be Considerate


I have been working on a Few Gigs, the First One was on Wordpress Site Design, and the Second One on Increasing YouTube Traffic. I completed the First One 3 Days before the Deadline. But the Problem was with the Second Order. The Traffic Generated by my Software was suddenly filtered by YouTube by a factor of 98%. The Rest 2% Appeared on his Video page as views. I told this to him and asked him to cancel Order. The First Order gave a Rating of 4.7/5. Well, when the Buyer of the Second Order cancelled the Order, he gave me a Rating of 1/5. The Problem is that he got a 1000 Views for his video, and I got a 1/5 Rating. Now my Total Rating is below 90% and I can’t send offers… Buyers, Please be Considerate…
I have more than Two years of Experience in Wordpress. For an Example of my Work, visit:
Interested buyers, Please Consider my New Gig on Wordpress Design:


You delivered 2% of what the buyer paid for. A 1 star rating was deserved.
Buyers don’t need to be considerate, you need to consider carefully what you offer.
Don’t offer services that are designed to scam/mislead/cheat stats and you won’t have this kind of problem.