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Buyers Please leave a honest Review and don't change it!


Buyers Please leave a honest Review and don’t change it even if seller gives you refund and give you a free gig. So sick of plagiarism and copyscape don’t help until unless u got premium account. So please give the honest review it will help each other… thanks!


How can buyers leave a review if they get a refund?


they usually offers refunds after your bad review while asking you to change it at the same time!


I wasn’t aware sellers could give refunds. They would only be able to refund $4 of every $5…?


Reply to @inkpetal: Cancellation, whether mutual or not, returns the funds to the buyer.


Reply to @catwriter: I know. I didn’t know they could “give refunds” after an order was completed and accepted.


Reply to @inkpetal: I think that the cancellation is possible until the funds clear. I refunded a buyer after the order was completed.