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Buyers, please respond to seller communications

I don’t know why this needs to be said, but after a few different experiences, I realize that it does.

If you’re a buyer and you make an express order from a seller’s gig page… please, for the love of all that is decent in this world, communicate.

I’ve asked for pronunciation. I’ve asked for feedback on the delivery. I’ve done my damnedest to keep the buyer updated with order progress. And some buyers just ghost.

It should be common sense/common decency, yes? It is terribly frustrating to get absolutely zero response on basic things that are needed to make an order delivery successful. And it’s just as frustrating to deliver an order and hear… absolutely… nothing. Does it really take all that much effort to reply, either to answer a question, say “thanks” for the update, or to acknowledged that the delivered order is what you wanted?

Is this asking too much?


I’ve had buyers who didn’t appreciate it that I communicate and keep them updated about their order, and eventually rated me low on “communication” because apparently he didn’t want any chatter, just the job done.

Unfortunately you cannot control that since buyers have all the right to remain silent after getting their job done. Some are just silent :slight_smile: Be lucky, because others are so talkative that you’ll regret having woken up :slight_smile:


Yes, I had a buyer who kept messaging me are you working on my order? how much you work when you deliver? I was sick by his behavior and do not want buyer like him again.
But the buyer should be responsible for the basic needs of the order.


YES! I’ve had two buyers in the last 3 months just ghost on me after delivering incomplete requirements. I create online forms and need access to their accounts to complete the forms – these two buyers didn’t provide that in the requirements (mistake 1) and then just disappeared.