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Buyers please, you are better than this

Come on you guys. Some of you all don’t even know what you need. Please make sure you have a rough idea of what you wish to ask the seller when you get in touch. I mean reiterating ideas is fine, but how do you get things so wrong.

As an example, I got a message from a guy willing to host a full-fledged forum like this one for $20. It’s either the case that the buyer knows nothing about tech or the beginning of a very funny joke! Do your research before reaching out and value others’ time.

Sellers: I know, I know you must be thinking that’s why they approached you in the first place. Well, that may be so, but asking someone to do a job for you which you know nothing about is hilarious. Fun fact: a few of the projects I’m currently working on are from similar buyers but they at least had an idea of what their end goal is and were willing to listen.