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Buyers ( Positive or Negative ) rate!


Sometimes we work with a buyer and we do not know what is the assessment of the old rate record for him! Should fiverr do rate history for buyers also,We have as sellers the right to know buyer rate history ( Positive or Negative ) as well as the seller be able to avoid buyers who have low rate evaluation.

This is what must happen in fiverr .

Let me ask you this… if you were the cashier at a shop on a city street somewhere, do you know the back history of every customer that walks into your store to buy something? No, certainly not. Why would Fiverr have to be any different? Especially since most buyers on the site most likely have not been on the site long enough to establish a buyer “rate record”.

Just like in real life, treat all of your customers the same, no matter who they are. Provide them with fantastic customer service… communicate well… complete your gig as listed… and then move on to the next buyer.

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Reply to @jonbaas: That’s correct i’m with you in every words you said! But like ebay you can see the feedback for each buyers there . Some of buyers ( Not all ) are schemers even you give them a great work with wonderful communication! In the end you chock and fund them complaining about your service and they start threat for negative feedback if you don’t refund them. In this time should be there is option you can say what you want about the buyers ( Negative or Positive ) I’m not hater but telling from my experience and there is haters here they don’t need your gig to success. So they start ordering and broke your project. I wish to Fiverr to success and i’m sure they develop a good thing to protect ( SELLERS AND BUYERS )

Reply to @kjblynx: I agree with you 100% kjblynx