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Buyers Problems

i Have a Client How tell me to design chalkboard with a text. and after delivering the work,

he tell me

"" Hi. Thank you for making this. I like it, but can you please change the font for “Clean Slate”? It is too wavy and doesn’t really match the above font. Thanks! ""

and you can see that he tell me " I LIKE IT " and i do it, i design for him 4 variations of font and after that he tell me to cancel. :open_mouth:

What can i Do Now, i think he take my work and try to play with me.


Make the change for him. It doesn’t sound too complicated to change a font for a few words, and then redeliver. It is better to have a happy customer, than to refuse to make a simple change upon delivery. If he keeps coming back for more changes, then you can refuse. But if this is his first modification request, what harm is there in obliging him? :slight_smile:

delivering design with watermark…after buyer review sent design w/o watermark/clean design

video also same…sent 50% -75% video to buyer…after buyer review or order marked as complete(3days) sent complete file to buyer

sorry my bad english :slight_smile:

Wowwww “FEATURED” … Congrats (^_-)m/

thanks ^^ from now i will deliver with my WATERMARK. thanks ^^

I have been in situations where buyers kept asking for modifications for almost 10 times, it’s so annoying! those complaints always come from people with orders as small as $5, you just have to do it if you car about your rating, they can’t threaten you to cancel if you already delivered.

Really nice gigs btw! :slight_smile:

in this case this is what customer support told me

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us. We have checked the order ********* and find that you have to continue with a good work. You’ll have to find a way of communicating to resolve this situation that is caused by unhappy buyer. We encourage the users to resolve their disagreements mutually, because we can’t force them to buy or complete something.

We will not interrupt or make a decision to cancel the order, since your work is going in the right direction.

Please, try to go outside of the box and ask the buyer what modifications he wants to do and explain that can be done.