BUYERS: Professional $5 Logo? Does It Exist?


I’ve received 6 crappy logos from 7 different designers and one that is just okay.

Looking for a good designer, I decided to try a few for $5 to see what they could do rather than spend a lot of money up front.

Buyers: Have you received a great logo for $5?


As a rule, not really. Good logo design can costs thousands.

But Fiverr is such a big place, there are almost certainly some people who can design something you want for cheaply. Finding them is the problem. I think more established Fiverr users who know that they’re good will have upped their prices already.

Your best bet might be to try and find a new, up and coming Fiverr user with something to prove, who will spend extra time on your design.


Just pay one designer 37$ instead of paying 7 designers 5$ each!



I think it really depends on who you come across. On one hand, no professional logo designer is willing to sell themselves for pennies. On the other hand, you can have budding designers that want to build a portfolio. It all boils down to luck.

But honestly, are you really willing to be a cheapsake about your own brand image? A logo is important, of all the design things to be cheap about…honestly.


Everybody, before you spend time giving this person advice please read his other threads:

These are the terms everyone agrees to when they sign up. These terms of service cover how fiverr conduct their business, it is up to buyers and sellers to agree to them. If they do not, they should not sign up to the site, it really is that simple. If they “agreed” to the terms of service without reading them, they should go back and read them.



just give me chance and see my work.

i guarantee you wont regret.

best regards,



Reply to @ashleycyrus: Careful Ashley, please read his other threads (I have linked them above) before you choose to work with this buyer. PS. your work is very nice.


Reply to @alysmcdonough:

i am also saying that all seller are not same

some are here to show their skills to the world

and i am also one of them


Reply to @ashleycyrus: I realize that and I agree, however, please please please read what he has said and done in his other threads or you could be the next person he unleashes his fury on in this forum for all to see. Like I said, your work is great, but please be warned. This buyer wasn’t even happy with someone who was a top rated seller with thousands of positive feedbacks - and six others. And I only know what was posted publicly on this forum. I shudder to think of what sort of messages the sellers received.