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Buyers purchase multiple gig orders - do we only get one credited?


Over the past few weeks I have had buyers ordering 4 gigs at a time. My sales figure is registering 4 for $20 but I am only seeing my gig order registering on my dashboard as being an order for 1 gig. There is only one gig sales page with one upload although it needs to have 4 different deliveries for each of the 4 gig orders.

This is negatively affecting my analytics, I thought I only needed 4 more orders to reach level 2 but by being credited for 1 order instead of 4, I am not able to get to level 2 yet. What is going on with this?


Reply to @bachas85: Thanks! Well guess what? I got a few more orders today and reached Level 2!! Yipee!


This feature is really a blow for us sellers. I too worked hard to gain level 2 but my client ordered multiples on the same gig, this way I am spending the same time that I would spend on 4 orders but now I get credited for only one.

I really hope fiverr people look into this and make each of such quantity count as a separate order. This way I wont be able to reach 50 different orders since most of my clients are repeat orders.


It can be pretty confusing! You should be able to “deliver again” though, so long as the gig isn’t marked completed either by time or by the buyer. In which case you will have to contact them through the message system and send the finished files through there.

And good for you on Level 2!


Reply to @bachas85: Thanks so much! And also thank you for all the help you give in the forum. I really learn a lot here. :slight_smile:


Reply to @backlinksguru: I know exactly what you mean. I didn’t even realize we could order more than one gig at a time. I guess it makes it easier for the buyer but you are right, we work harder for less credit. Hang in there, you will get to level 2!


Reply to @marsch001: I have no problem sending them the other 3 completed orders though the message system, or even through the gig page but it bugs me that they only get to show one comment on the gig page. Thanks for your comments here.