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Buyers purchasing gigs without contacting first

I have put a clear statement in my instructions to all Buyers to contact me first to discuss what they would like doing first. However a lot of the time i get people who ignore this and purchase a gig which can be really annoying. Simply because they may ask to much or they ask for something i can not do. So i have two suggestions :

1.When a seller purchases a gig it shows up in the to do section and next to it has Accept Gig or Reject Gig. This allows the buyer to look over the requested gig first before taking it on so they know they can complete it,

2. Have it set so a seller as to send you information first before any gig can be accepted.

Apologies if this has been mentioned before. Thanks

Thanks guys it is nice to see some support for this idea. It would make life on here so much easier. I had another client today do exactly the same thing and ignored what i stated.

Yeah haha sorry i did mean buyer!

I guess I know how you feel. When If first join fiverr their number one CS response was “tell you client to contact your before ordering” and of course, Fiverr CS didn’t check to see if you had those instructions already in your description, which I did.

Bottom line, a lot of buyers just don’t read gig description. They read the Title and if it looks like what they want, they order.

The more time you spend on Fiverr, the more you will realize that buyers have control over your little fiverr store and CS is more buyer orientated than seller orientated with their features.

I think that’s a good idea. Best solution would be to accept/reject gigs because buyers can be terrible about letting you out of the order if they’re demanding and aren’t playing by the rules.

Since I doubt that will be soon in coming it would be great to have a box checked in the gig edit that directs buyers to leave a message first. Instead of clicking the box to order the gig they could then check a box to inquire about the gig.

I think some sort of buy block for impulse buyers would be a wonderful idea. The order would remain pending for a certain amount of time until we (sellers) accept the order. That way, we could clarify things with our buyers (especially our impulse buyers).

pretty sure this thing is deas but I agree. I got an order without the buyer contacting me first, as I need to get the information beforehand so I know I can 100% it. But he didn’t reply says he would “pay more,” if I did a good job and then didn’t message me at all right after about what he wanted. I could offer a cancellation but I doubt it will be mutual and now I will get a forced cacnellation for it. There needs to have a better system in place to protect us from situarions like this.