Buyers purchasing the wrong gigs


I have had two buyers that ended up purchasing the incorrect gig. But it seems like canceling and re ordering is much more of a hassle and you could end up losing a client if the cancel proces is too long. So i just asked them to review the gig they got by mistake and i deliver the correct service anyways.

Have any of you had this problem before, and how do you handle it?


All my gigs tend to have the same leadtimes so ordering the wrong one doesn’t bother me too much but yes it does happen a lot. However, it depends on whether they wanted to order the extras - or find that they need the extras afterwards. That often leads to ordering extra gigs to make up the cost instead of being able to add on the extras and then the extra time!


Yeah thats exactly what i did. Thanks a lot madmoo!


I wish I had did that before. I know I had it happen before on one of my first buyers and they didn’t come back when I asked them to repurchase the correct gig. After another person did it however I just completed the gig they wanted and was glad they gave a positive review anyways.


This happened to me a lot when I had different delivery times for different gigs. Buyers would just order the lowest delivery time frame gig. It happens less now that all of my gigs have the same delivery time frame.

It can be frustrating and throw you off if you try to get all of a certain type done at once, then to notice you missed one because of a mis-order!


Same here, I get folks grabbing the wrong one after a conversation. I normally just fulfill in the gig they ordered. It is just easier!


Over the past year I have had a handful of people order when they didn’t really want the gig but that is about the extent of my experience


I get that a lot. I just had a repeat buyer order the wrong gig a couple hours ago. Its cool though; he’s a good tipper. :slight_smile: But I usually just do it and deliver the correct product. It doesn’t really bother me much. Money is money, so I don’t care what gig it comes from. Lol. And like you said, cancelling it may result in the buyer not returning. Better get it while the gettings’ good.


Reply to @aingham69: Good point about the extras!


Reply to @musiclover: That’s the only time that I ask for a cancellation and reorder really for incorrect ordering. Otherwise, I’ll just do whatever is in the instructions if it meets the base price for any of my gigs.


It happens to me a lot, especially with gigs that say they will draw specific things. If I offer to draw magical creatures, I’m not happy when someone asks me to draw an executive chibi or something ridiculous. I had a buyer who was so embarrassed about getting it wrong that they blew up at me :'D

tl;dr- yep, I get it a lot too.


This has happened to me but the buyer was extremely stubborn and wouldn’t work things out with me. Their defense was “I have better communication with people from all of the globe.”