Buyers Rate Sellers Poorly Even Though They Are Satisfied. The rating Section Should Made Editable


Some buyers are killing our accounts. They receive our work and love it but end up giving us a poor rating. When you ask why they did that, they say that they thought they were rating themselves or thought a 4 star rating was a good rating. I think the Fiverr team to take this into consideration and make the buyers aware of this because this affects our account when during evaluation. I have been a victim of this several times and its pissing me off. I think they should make the rating Section editable.


It’s big problem for us.


In any other marketplace etc. it would be seen as a good review, which is why the 4.8 to avoid being demoted etc. makes little sense.

It used to be, but was removed because it was being used against sellers by buyers who wanted more/free work by saying they’d improve their review - a form of blackmail.

BTW - happy anniversary @sharonsheehan! :tada:


So what do we do now?


I don’t also see the reason why the minimum rating is 4.8. Make little sense like you rightly said


Thanks @offlinehelpers. Its now I just noticed it was my anniversary