Buyers - Read and Watch Our Videos


Hi Buyers,

This is a little advice to SAVE YOU and us sellers, serious time, effort and frustration.

With the exception of perhaps new sellers, who are still trying to find their feet, here on Fiverr, most of our gig covering videos, accompanying images and gig descriptions - normally provide all the information that you need.

If you are not sure, please please contact us first - 99% of the time we want to help you, buy our services!

The reason I write this, is in the last 48 hours, I personally have been contacted, by new buyers, asking questions that they should really be directing to Fiverr, or on this Buyer Forum.

As much as I love to help, I am not a Fiverr expert. Yes I can help with my Gigs.

Yes sellers, generally want to help where they can.

But we earn little for what is normally serious skill sets, that we would charge regular industry rates, outside of Fiverr.

For example, for every $5 you spend on a gig, we earn $4. In the UK, this converts to a £2.50 wage. Our standard minimum wage is £6.50 an hour.

We have to balance our time, vs the money we earn, else we seriously would be working less then most 13 year olds doing a newspaper round.

It’s not that I mean to be mean - but my gigs, all clearly describe what they do. I’ve had nothing but excellent feedback, and I am happy to help - which is why when I choose - I contribute to these BUYER and SELLER forums.

Asking questions on how to use and navigate Fiverr, is not our personal jobs!

Read what we say, and save yourselves and us lots of frustration!

Best of luck with your ventures!



Another simple principle. If you want a seller’s time to ask and answer questions, pay them. Hit up their tip jar. Purchase their “Skype” approved gigs.


Cheers for support, Anarchofighter