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Buyers refund money

I am a new seller, i have already completed a offer.
But my buyer despute the order after my delivery. Thats why i cancel his request. He was offline 3 days and fiverr complete my order automaticly. As a result he give me 2 star, so now i can’t offer others because i need 90℅ Rating for offer. What should i do now? Please can anyone help me.
Thanks in advance.


I am realy helpless!!!

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I read the buyers feedback and looked at what you delivered. I am glad your buyer received a refund :smirk:
Don’t offer services you cannot provide or learn how to do it right.

Good luck

But what should i do now

Maybe you can ask Customer Support for permission to close this account and open a new one.

If you do that and open a new account, try to offer only services you’re really great at.

Another option would be to go where people who need your services are, and offer them assistance (again, offer only something you’re good at).


I think this ship has sailed. From now on do anything you can to deliver on time, and provide perfect work - so no one gives you 2 stars.

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If i request the buyer, can he change the review?
Can it’s possible

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You could try amending the delivery. He’s claiming you stretched the image of the agent (I assume a non-proportional stretch so the aspect ratio is incorrect). If you did you could try placing it on the way he wants (in the correct aspect ratio if it wasn’t originally). He also said he thought the design didn’t match the look and feel of the website, etc. Maybe try to make the design match the website more. After doing this (and maybe other stuff he mentions) you could re-deliver in a message. Maybe he would like it more and alter the rating?

I think he can do it up to 3 days after he rated you. However, if you spam him or annoy him, or if you try to manipulate him in any way, he can report you to Customer Support.

Keep in mind that your buyer is already angry because he received work he can’t use, and you didn’t want to refund him. Be very careful if you ask for feedback modification.

If you visit the OP’s profile, you’ll see what he delivered.

CS might see it as an attempt to bribe the buyer to change the feedback.

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Possibly. But if he never mentions wanting him to change the feedback I think it would probably okay. The buyer has already paid for the work. If the work was done incorrectly or not exactly as was asked or maybe it is now unusable, since it’s been paid for, delivering work that would be usable, without asking for any review change, might be the right thing to do?

If there are doubts maybe the OP could create a support ticket with CS to ask for confirmation that it would be okay before sending a corrected/better version by a message. That way they shouldn’t get into any trouble.

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Do not ask the buyer to review the feedback or change rating, or you will get a warning and your account can be closed. Read the TOS. Remember this: all is about reputation. If you fail to build up your reputation, you will loose this marketplace.


Maybe… Check the work OP delivered, though. I’m not sure there’s any help now.

I checked. it. All I’ll say is that delivering an improvement (the OP does say he has graphic design experience) via message may be the only chance of getting future orders (assuming the review does get changed) on this account. Like you say creating a new account after closing this one (with permission) is another option. But a first review that is negative could greatly affect future orders so unless he wants to create a new account (after closing this) that may be one of the only options.

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I’ve had the same thing.

Increasing the amount of users that Fiverr’s needs. They do not care about the sellers. They are adhering to the decisions of consumers.


After many consumers buy GIG, they will return after that job is over. We have to wait until they return. Maybe we can not get the time to do it. Therefore, we may not be able to provide it in due time. It delivers it even before the due date, but it raises a number of problems. Some of them returned after saying: “I did not get what I expected, so I want to get back my money.” They still have a revision they do not use it.

These things make us embarrassed.

They get 20% of the money we get and give low consideratio.

Fiverr’s is for your attention…

Of course they are. In this case, the client did the right thing and asked for a refund. The seller chose to refuse. The work was poor quality and didn’t match the promises made. So, the buyer wasted money and the seller gets a bad review. That’s really all there is to it.


It’s so unfair. We will never compel the buyer. We are doing them only reminding them. If Fiverr’s does not do it, we have to do it. Otherwise, they must remind the buyer from time to time. Like a Amazon, eBay and AliExpress. Or once the order has been completed, reviewing it must be made compulsory.

After you deliver the order, Fiverr reminds the buyer to leave a review. Twice.

Do you review every single item you buy, and every single shop or whatever you buy at? Would you even go to a store that tried to force you to leave a review every time you buy?


Thanks all for support.
How can i refund the money?

At this point, you’d probably have to ask Customer Support to do it.

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. Review will stay even after you refund your buyer.

  2. It’s strictly forbidden to exchange feedback removal for a refund. In other words, if you ask your buyer to remove the feedback and promise to refund them, you will violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


No, this is a complete mistake. We already have discussed it in the forum, but forcing the buyer to leave a rating can lead to lower ratings. How do you know if your buyer is not really pleased with your delivery, but he/she don’t want to leave a bad review? You may be forcing them to leave it!

Even more… if buyer finds annoying that “please review messages” or make them compulsory, prepare yourself to get some 1 star reviews because they will be upset.

The best advice regarding reviews is just don’t interfere.

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