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Buyer's Request: 39 Offers, Should you bid ❓

  • Are you a professional who just started on 5r?

  • Are you frustrated that there are already 39 bids in less than 5 minutes?

  • Are you wondering if it’s worth it to bid?

YES, it is.

  • What are the chances the buyer will read the 40th bid?

Very High!!

I’ve found several great seller in buyers request. Unfortunately, it’s a hit or miss

As a long time buyer on this site, about 75% of the time I find zero qualified sellers on BR. Sometimes, I get as many as 65 bids (or more).

I can go through 60 offers in about 10 minutes and disqualify all of them. If you’re wondering how, see below.

This request was simple, no research required. Typically, my articles can be a bit complex, requiring some research; therefore, I automatically, remove all $5 or even $10 offers.

No professional writer who actually read my request would bid that little.

This one, however, could have had a few who were interested in getting a good review on the 1st order, so I gave them the benefit.

I eliminated all of them and hired NO ONE in less than 5 minutes. If you were a coherent, decent writer, you would have stood out.

On top of that I was hiring 10 sellers, not just 1. I realized, after the fact, that may not have been clear. Regardless of that, take a look for yourself on the bids and tell me, would you hire any of these bidders?

I marked up a few but left the rest for you.

P.S.: Unlimited Revisions just annoys me. If you’re incapable of getting it right after one revision, I don’t want to waste my time.



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Then how Smart i send buyer request.
Can you please give me some suggestion? :question:


Congratulations! Very good Bro Dear!!!

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Oh scary, But it doesn’t surprise me.

A Q for you: What Budget did you put on this BR?

Mostly I see stated budgets of $5-$15 for music work that should be at least half way through the hundreds. I only post music gigs here. I have some writing up on another work site but have basically abandoned that as any time anyone asks it is click-bait work for injurious rates.

In both places, 99.99% of the time my unique, relevant, studied responses go ignored or at best get a “client” response like “but what’s you rate?” with no answer to any of the questions that would help me price their job. The same logic applies here.

When I tried talking about that here I got hit with TLDR, your fault.

So you see that kinda sees us in a bind. Why not just post formulaic garbage responses as the odds of landing a gig are the same.

I wish clients would research Sellers and reach out personally with unique, relevant, studied enquiries…



This is why I still bother with BR, aside from the occasional comedy.


It took me a while to find it as well (I had to Google it, tbh). When you are on your dashboard, you see the menu on the top bar. Click ‘More’ and there you will see Buyer Requests. If you’re a new user, you will probably see 0 active buyer requests. Just keep the page open and refresh every now and then and something might pop up.


Hi Gina! I didn’t see one worth hiring. There were a couple which used correct grammar but the phrasing did not inspire confidence.

There were so many where the writer had no knowledge of the most elementary rules of grammar. These are things I learned at the age of seven or eight.


Just in a short defense: For a lot of us English is our second language. This doesn’t justify trying to offer writing services if you haven’t mastered the language though :sweat_smile: :joy:


I know of several excellent writers on fiverr who have English as a second language who don’t mangle the grammar.


I think if you want a super professional writer :white_check_mark:, you need to search them by using :point_right: the search option & discuss it with them in private chat. I think, professional sellers, don’t usually use buyer request so much ( this is just my thought though ) :man_shrugging:


Whoa! I gotta say i am impressed and i appreciate you for all the images you have shared and for the information about buyer request. Thank you so much.

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Did you catch up with the one with the negotiable 5K pricetag?
I’d love to know if we have a literature Nobel prize winner offering writing gigs here, or the seller thought they were sending the offer in their local currency, or if that’s a kind of “maybe the buyer has bad eyes and will think this is a US$5 offer and just click, and I’ll get to keep the 5K because support won’t cancel this, once the buyer with now maxed-out credit card will notice their error” scam …

What a great post to show that it can make sense to not forego replying to BRs that already got a bunch of offers.

(Although that highly depends on the person behind the BR, as there are incapable buyers as well as incapable sellers; there is strong evidence that quite a few buyers must generally be taking either the first worst or cheapest offer they get ;))



And what have you learned from her post, exactly?


Hello MissC.

And it took probably less than 5 to make that determination, I’m guessing. :grinning:

There was one that had a possibility but once I looked at her gigs I changed my mind.

It always boggles my mind at how people throw “expert” around without truly knowing the meaning.


Hey Mila,

How are ya?

No, I did not contact the $5000.00 seller. :laughing::rofl:

I don’t like to negotiate, and even if I did, at $10 per word, at best 50% is still $5 per word. I’m not sure what that person was thinking. :unamused: At that pricetag, you’d think I’d have gotten more than a generic canned bid. :unamused::unamused:


True, that. They could have written their offer in iambic pentameter, or sent an appetizer in form of a limerick about their dog at least :wink:

Thank you, I’m okay, hope you’re doing great :slight_smile:


I guess they don’t have any idea about the literary terms you have used.:slight_smile:

did u even read a post?

Thank you very much dear for your information, sir!

Gina! What a great post. I love it. Coming from a respected buyer, this is so powerful. I hope people who write request responses like this read it. Seamless plug, my dog is a pug, king charles cavalier mix. She is 14 pounds, and her name is Dolly.