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Buyers request advertisment


OMg i am really annoyed by the sellers who are advertising themselves in the buyers requests :frowning: cant fiverr do something about them ?

oh one more question , is there a way to filter the buyers request ? i only want it to show me the current DATE/DAY

Thank you


Yes. Click “remove request.”

They do need spam flag.


This is an ongoing issue. I have has several BR’s rejected because they don’t fit the criteria, yet these are always on there. Come on Fiverr!


This is annoying to me as well. It seems like sometimes all I see are sellers using the buyers request and no real buyers.

Does removing it do anything to flag it? Or does it just remove it on my personal view?


Some new and unprofessional seller do that. Fiverr should do anything about that and take any action.


Just remove it I guess , but they keep on popinn up like too many . :frowning:


I found out the only responses the Sellers who post to Buyer Requests are from other Sellers asking the posters to do work for them. Now everytime I see someone trying to promote themselves on Buyer Requests, I laugh as I click the “Remove Request” button because I know even though they may have 30 offers the offers are all from other Sellers. :rofl:


Haha well I can’t believe that people actually reply to those seller requests as well :frowning: