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Buyers request and Orders Conformation


HI there everyone, i would like all of your attention to some stuff on fiverr which does effect us in a way.

1> Buyers request -
Here we send request to buyers doing bid and trying to get orders. Still there are sellers who uses it to promote their Gigs which creates issues.
The buyer request dosen’t show up every time and many a time the very second when it was not showing and started showing up already it has 10-15 offers from sellers… (What is this) need an answer for it.

So, buyers sends request… we sellers send them offer… among these offers the seller selects one of them and place him order.

2> Offers -
Here sellers can send offers during a conversation, and buyers request or may get directly from a new buyer whom we neither had send a offer.
The main issue is even when a seller say he is available 24x7 they are not available obviously because they need rest. But, when a seller receives an offer with the requirements they don’t get an option of do they want to accept the buyers job given to them and the time starts when the seller is out and don’t have an idea about it. Yes notification is sent to them but, it does happens that he or she might see it after 8 hours after 12 hours when they may have got 1 day time. The seller might just start working on it weather or not he is ready for it or not. (Is the sentence accurate)

I don’t know when the order is canceled by the buyer or seller does it shows up in the canceled order location beside order.

Buyers request is a nice place to start up with work but why are they slow and delays as when we see them. Rarely sometimes it happens that we get a 0 offer buyer request and we might still be the on to bid.

Do comment and share your experiences and opinions.


For me, I never do 24 hr turnarounds. I did it once, and I won’t go through that ever again :laughing: I explain that if they want quality work, it’s gonna take more than a day. Also, I just tend to avoid people who want something “asap” or “need it done in 8 hrs”.

I do agree that sellers promoting their services there is annoying, but I just remove those requests and move on.


Hey, you know …new sellers issues and all … Convincing buyers to trust us with the orders is a hell of an issue when we see that we have sent more than 100 offers and getting less than 10 orders with may be a risk or 2. etc. Its an issue when we don’t get buyers … and we expect to get them frequently …and it doesn’t happen and sometimes it did. Well… but a Good news from my side today i became a Level one seller any tips you would like to share .


It’s not just a new seller thing, but I get where you’re coming from. My tip for level 1 would be to keep doing what you’ve been doing so far–only better :smile:


Buyer request option is really disturbed by sellers unwanted posts.


hi… . .well yes… we ask our selves …How does it feel when fiverr said “We can be band” if we do this and our own mates are doing it and don’t know what fiverr is doing about it because now the no. of this has increased a lot.
Not kidding… a lot uff…


Because of sellers unwanted posts mostly i am seeeing the sellers posting their please Requests…