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Buyers request are not active in buyers request section

i see too many buyers request in buyers request section… but can’t send an offer because written over there no offers left…then why fiverr show me buyers request when request is not active?
please tell me what’s happening??? is this bug or anything else?

I have been on Fiverr for going on 3 years. It has always been like that. Right now mine says there are 14, but I only saw 6, which I deleted because they did not interest me.

I have found that days later some very old requests will pop up even though I always delete the Buyer Requests I do not apply for.

If you mean it says “0 offers left today” and you haven’t sent any offers in the last 24 hours (and you’ve refreshed the page very recently) it’s probably a bug that you could report. That happened to lots of people about a month ago but that’s okay for me currently.

If you’ve sent 10 offers in the last 24 hours it’s meant to show “0 offers left today”.

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I think the OP means up in the upper left-hand corner where ist says ACTIVE.

I typically have a number there even with no BR available.

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If it’s just the active count that’s wrong, you should still be able to send an offer to any that are showing on the screen (if you’ve refreshed the page recently enough and you send the offer before the maximum for that request has been reached (though that’s probably only for unlevelled sellers) and you’ve not already sent 10 offers in the last 24 hours).