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Buyers request block

My buyers request is blocked because a customer give me bad review. I do his project very well with almost 3 to 4 revisions but he wouldn’t like it and tell me at the end that you are not be able to do my work. And his work is just give him some interesting names. I gave him many names and also add names in every revesions but now my buyers request is blocked and he will not give me a reply also. So what should I do???

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Move on.

End of story.

But how. I want to reopen my Buyers request. My ID is new so I get orders from buyers request.

You cannot reopen your ability to reply to BR. Period. The reason is due to the bad review the buyer gave you. There are consequences when certain things occur.

Clearly, you think you did a fantastic job, but in the end, it is not up to you to determine if you did a project “very well”. Clearly, if you had to revise your order 3 or 4 times, there was either a communication problem or you just didn’t “get” what this buyer wanted. That is why you got a low review. They were not satisfied with your work. Doesn’t matter if you are happy with what you did.

Now you have to find a way to market yourself outside of Fiverr in order to get orders that will hopefully get 5* reviews so that you can get your review average back high enough to get access to BR.