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Buyer's request buyers contact then doesn't reply!

Hello there,
It’s unfortunately happening with only me or with other too but I don’t get much order nowadays!
So I send request in buyers requests section but evertime some buyers get back to me for work but after I reply and that’s it!
None of them reply back after sending 1 message!
What’s going on?
If they don’t want my services why they even messaged?
It hurts!
Isn’t there is any potential customers on fiverr left?
Or all just want cheap work and don’t even reply?
Just send same messages to all people!
Please help what should I do😞I need some tips.
Best regards,

Some people talk and then decide on another seller, whether it’s because of price or whatever other reasons. That’s just how things go. You can’t really do anything about it.

Just stay patient and keep chugging away at it.


They message lots of sellers and then decide on someone else.


I know it sucks but they send messages to many sellers.
They may feel uncomfortable to turn you down, so they decide not to talk to you and get to the seller they chose.
Do not worry. If they want to use your services they will keep you updated.


Thanks for your replies I appreciate!
I was only wondering that is still potential left on fiverr like are buyers interested or not?
I don’t seen anyone much interested in taking any services from fiverr!
They ask me my price and I give them cheap and good reply and still!
Well I will keep doing let’s see someone will hit me🙂

I’m interested in 5r.

I’m in the market for lots of articles. I’ve hired several sellers already and will be hiring many more.

So, yes, there is market for 5r. There’s like a million gigs on 5r.

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