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Buyer's Request could be a goldmine instead it's missed opportunities for buyers and sellers


I wish more qualified sellers would bid on Buyer’s Request.
I wish 5r would let me select the level of seller I want.

I’m sick and tired of reading canned responses.
I’m sick and tired of reading one sentence bids.
I’m sick and tired of writers with grammar errors bidding.
I’m sick and tired of proofreaders, who misspell “proofread” bidding.

I’m sick of reading 3 paragraphs of a seller’s credentials (canned response - full of grammar errors) instead of them adddressing my needs.

Fact 1: BR is for us buyers to request what we need. Its for sellers to address buyers need.
Fact 2: Its not for sellers to tell me about their education, family life, past work history, etc.

I don’t care you were

  • the lead editor for your high school newspaper
  • you have 3 beautiful children
  • you have been writing for 6 years
  • you have been on 5r for 3 years
  • you have all 5 star reviews
  • you are an SEO expert - weirdly, you don’t know what SEO stands for/spells out

Why don’t you spend some time telling me what you can do for me, instead of how awesome you think you are. I think it’s great you have self esteem and hold yourself to high regards, bragging about your PHD in English Literature from Harvard, Princeton or Columbia.

Frankly, I don’t care.

I will admit openly, that I am a sexist and ageist. I have no desire to hire a 19 year old, hot blond chick with PHD in anything. I prefer to hire the “real” looking guy or gal with great writing skills instead. I find that 13 and 15 year old high school, genuine picture, write better than celebrity models.

So, go away and stop bidding on my request, because you are just irritating me. I won’t hire you.

  • I want someone that can write.
  • I want someone with either real picture or for illustrators a cartoon of yourself or for designers, a nice logo.

This is getting really old.

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This may be a rant but it is full of Tips for Sellers! :slightly_smiling_face:


I fully agree that BR COULD be great for both - it is crazy when you consider that basically every other freelance platform works on the basis of buyer requesting something and people offering their service or bidding in response, yet on Fiverr it is a mess that I now don’t use either as a seller or buyer.

For certain services I have offered, I did get a lot of work through buyer requests but in SEO and Marketing which I do now, the requests tend to be the most ridiculous you could imagine! The sellers posting there don’t actually bother me any more, the buyers who actually believe it is possible to improve a business substantially for $5 just drive me crazy! I occasionally take a glance through it but it is more from a “can’t look away from a car crash” point of view.

So while mine is a little different in perspective to yours, I fully believe that the whole thing needs to be ripped up and started again with a completely different approach. Instant ban for sellers posting there. A flag button for requests so the request is removed after “X” amount of flags, a flashing neon sign saying “Wake up, you are being ridiculous” when a buyer wants way too much for $5 etc. Ok, maybe not quite but a completely new approach is needed.

All that said, it is still worthwhile for people to glance through quickly once per day if they are in need of orders.



I don’t care you were

the lead editor for your high school newspaper
you have 3 beautiful children
you have been writing for 6 years
you have been on 5r for 3 years
you have all 5 star reviews
you are an SEO expert - weirdly, you don’t know what SEO stands for/spells out

Respect for speaking the truth. Respect.


You have a perspective that I do not. You can see the actual ridiculous request posted, I can not.

The people that think they can get the world for $5 and the sellers who actually bid on it are definitely a match made in heaven.


I’ve used the Buyer Request section as a buyer before, and I’ll be honest, 99% of the responses from “sellers” that I have received were pure and utter crap. It was nothing more than, “I best seller, mek sells me” offers, some for hundreds of dollars!

Seriously? I’m not going to buy your crap for $100.

I will give props to a few veteran forum users, though, who responded with actual offers. I appreciated their efforts to match my needs. But everything else… junk, crap, poop. Nothing good whatsoever.


:bulb: Brilliant post, Gina! I couldn’t agree more. :heart:

I’m an avid buyer, and what chaps my :peach: the most is the sellers; who tell sob stories. “My :older_woman: grandma is ill”, “my :oncoming_automobile: tires are flat”, "I broke an arm :muscle: ", “I need to buy :spaghetti: food for my kids.” So, I need the money blah blah blah. Like really?! This is a surefire way for me to ignore you! Playing the sympathy card will not win me over to place an order. :japanese_ogre:


Agreed. I find that to be highly unprofessional.

They probably don’t even have kids. What real parent would use their child like that?


I bookmarked this post for the new sellers who come on the Forum and want to know how complete a good Buyer Request.

I have had awesome writers in my 7th and 8th-grade classrooms. :couple:


I was have heard through Buyers besides Gina that they had to filter through many sellers to find one good one. One particular buyer said he wanted someone with good English skills and in spite of that he had to filter through “100’s” of sellers. If a seller does not meet the requirements, they should not make an offer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks for this post, Gina. :heart:


Wow! That’s kind of like buyers I get who can’t spell their first name the same way two times in a row.


What kind of budgets are you posting? Pay quality begets writer quality.

Also, yes. I giggle every time I see a seller post their self-pitch on BR. They always have a budget of $100. I’m tempted to send an offer, maybe they think the cash flow goes the opposite direction.

Offer: Five words about dogs
Pay: $500


I can attest to the fact that Gina, a published writer herself, is not cheap when it comes to hiring writers. She, however, looks for more than one type of writing and thus books different writers for different jobs. Gina not only uses Buyer Requests to find writers but she searches out new writers and tests them by booking smaller gigs with them. She actually has said here on the Forum that she had found that

is not always true. @gina_riley2 has offered is not cheap on Buyer Requests but has been frustrated by the lack of quality responses, thus her OP.


I rarely put a budget. I let the seller decide.

If they read the requirement, they wouldn’t be bidding $5 - which by the way, I delete without reading. Hey, the seller obviously didn’t read my requirement so why should I read their canned response


After reading the thread, I decided to go to BR to amuse myself.
I was surprised to find 2 interesting requests which I sent offers for in the SEO sphere, both buyers had clearly had issues with sellers/BR in the past and their briefs were detailed but clearly annoyed.

In the marketing sphere, the only vaguely interesting ones wanted “profit sharing” schemes with no up front payments… Basically, they want someone to set up a whole business for them and then only take 10-20% of the profits… These people are the worst!


Hum, :thinking:

Let us know how it goes when you win! :slight_smile:

I can guarantee you 90% were either canned or the standard, “Dear Sir, I read your requirement carefully and I can do the job.” I get at least 5 to 10 of those on each BR.

Your bid should be rather refreshing for the buyers.


I told them my kids need to eat and that my mom thinks I am special.
That should do it.


Hee, hee, hee, Hee! :rofl: :rofl:

Yup, that should do it. You should have mentioned your :dog: . I mean who doesn’t adore a big, fluffy k-9.


This reminds me of that announcement some time ago about fiverr updating BR to be more professional to the point of having partnerships with brick and mortar businesses; or something like that. Not sure what happened but it looks like the idea refused to leave the hangar. There have been countless suggestions over the years to revamp this section which included a post from earlier this year about what we would do if we ran fiverr for a week.

For my categories the results have some what improved but there are still requests coming through that are either spam or requests that aren’t really requests for what’s stated (i.e. article writing request that’s really a class assignment).


Funny thing is, Fiverr doesn’t seem to be interested in doing anything about this BR issue. Maybe they don’t realize it could be hurting their business.

As a buyer, if I come on any freelance platform and post a request, I expect to get responses from serious, reputable and professional sellers. If I get a ton of shitty “offers” from questionable sellers a couple of times, chances are I will just leave the platform and try another, as there are a lot of them out there.

I strongly believe there are buyers who have left Fiverr for good specifically because of this issue. But anyway, that’s not my problem…