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Buyers request does not matching with my gig's feature

Basically I am an email template designer but most recently buyers request are full of front end designer in my profile.for this why most of the time I can not apply those requests.why this type of dissimilarity any one explain please. as a prove I have attached a image here. where need to change in my profile or gig’s please explain it details.

Note: I am looking only email template or email marketing job.

In your buyer requests section, there is an option for you to filter the requests you’re getting, use it to get requests matching your niche. It may be that you have gigs set up in other niches as well, so you’ll definitely get requests from them too.

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I have three gigs.of them two gigs under digital marketing >email marketing>email templates. when I was going to create my two gigs under this section I did not get “revision” option for my buyers. then I have created next gig under web programming section and then I found “revision” option in this section.I think for this why both type of requests are showing in my profile.