Buyer's request doesn't appear



Can anyone tell me if i’m the only one with a problem in " buyer’s request menu"?
I have days when i see 15-25 buyers request per day, but also i have days without any request.

It is because i’m new seller?



Yeah your new, same problem with other newbies.


same issue i also faced beacuse am alsso new comer



Please let me what is your current overall positive rating?

You should do some changes in your tags or maybe in title.

Can I see your profile?


I have 5 star ranking , and i am on first page at " eports logo", but i don’t know what is the problem with buyers request.
I ll wait to achieve the “seller 1” level/


Constantly refresh buyer request page by clickin on “ACTIVE”, sometimes requests appear, just at different times



I think the problem is solved:
“Buyer Requests are not published at exactly the same time every day and occasionally there are no new ones for longer than a 24 hour period. This may depend on your gig category as well.”

Thank you a lot!