Buyers Request Filled With Sellers Advertising Themselves


I just want to know why the buyers request is filled with sellers advertising their services? Is there anything #Fiverr is doing to solve this problem? I really need your opinions here because i believe it is unethical.

Fiverr really need to do something about this, it is called Buyers request and not sellers request. In my opinion, i really think these sellers found to be doing this should be removed.


I sure hope Fiverr is working on something!


They modified the name so they’re probably already working on a solution; hopefully.


Ugh, I hate this too. It’s even worse when the same person’s advertisement is sent over and over again. I hope Fiverr does something.


No one likes it and I highly doubt that it works. It looks more like spam and less like an advertisement.


That’s so frustrating, and it seems fiverr is doing nothing about it. It used to be a place where you could get sales if you logged in everyday


@thecreativeguys,it doesn’t look as if fiverr is…


@heiditranslates, i would say the same


Still Fiverr is doing nothing about it