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Buyer's Request frauds & wasted Offers

I wonder if any sellers noticed this? I saw a request that was similar to one that I had to respond to in the past (the request was 100% identical)… I got curious and looked into the “sent offers” tab, found the person ID, and did a lookup.

It says that the “user account you are looking for is no longer available.” and I thought… how is this? I did a check on all 9 offers I had sent today and found that 3 of the user account was no longer available.

Some made sense, I had personally reported a few of the inbox message I got… asking to communicate outside the platform. I assumed someone did the same and reported on them… they got removed.

I treasure each “offer” opportunity and all my 215 offers made so far are all individually written… one was so detailed that the buyer wrote back to me in a 2000 word letter (didn’t convert yet, unfortunately)… e.g.

“Thank you ever so much for the length and detail of your recommendations, it is very much appreciated. It certainly appears that I have some work to do on my Website… (some contents removed)… Before proceeding with your Services I will take some time to invest further so that your endeavours have more of a platform. Thank you again, I am very grateful for your effort in this regard!”

I think Fiverr should do a better job screening those requests… and consider giving back those “request” opportunity to sincere sellers (especially those account that were removed within 2-3 hours of posting their request). Some of us take those 10 “chances” seriously.

If they say “outside of Fiverr” it will automatically flag it and then get manually checked. If you had just said “sorry I can only communicate on Fiverr” and said about the Fiverr rules/TOS maybe they might have understood you would have had orders from those requests.

They could increase the offers available to send if they suspend/close an a buyer account. Though screening the requests might be hard in those cases if they get flagged for what they say in inbox messages after they sent the request. Or maybe you’re talking about the duplicated requests (which might be because they’ve got a new account or maybe someone is outsourcing an order they got from a request).