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Buyers' request function very temperamental


Hello all

I’m finding the buyers’ request function very temperamental. I will go on and there will be 6 active requests, but if I refresh the screen they will vanish and it will say 0 active, and visa versa. Yesterday I was just about to reply to a request that was perfect for me, unfortunately, I left the page for a second and when I went back it said there were no active requests. Is this something everyone is encountering? Or is something wrong on my end? Thank you for any advice.


Was this still an issue within the last four hours? There was an entire section of yesterday where various features (messaging, notifications) started acting up. Support posted about getting it under control and it’s seemingly righted itself ever since.


It’s been like this since I joined last week. It’s the only problem i’m having with the site…very odd. Like just now, it said 0 requests, but after hitting the refresh button 4 came up…refresh again it went down to 2 then up to 10…very odd :frowning:


I think your situation is contained to you brother. My requests (and I’m there constantly) are working fine. You’ll have to go the customer service, ticket route. In the meantime - I have a wide variety of blunt instruments, capable of decimating even the most rugged of any machines.