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Buyer's request is not in line with the service I offer

Hi there.
A buyer placed an order on my gig. But he requested a service that I don’t offer! Evidently he hasn’t read the description of my gig.
I contacted him asking for clarification but there was no answer. So I started the cancellation process. But I don’t know if he will accept.
What to do? I know this will have a negative impact on my ranking but it’s not my fault. It’s the first time for me and I can’t understand what is the best solution. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you

Since you are not offering the service as the buyer requested so the best solution is to cancel the order. If the buyer doesn’t respond to the dispute request within two days it will be automatically canceled or you can open a ticket to the customer support.


It’ll cancel automatically if he ignores it so don’t sweat it!

As for your ranking, occasionally cancellations are inevitable. If they only happen once in a while it shouldn’t have a long-term impact on your gigs :slight_smile:


Maybe asking CS to cancel it might have been better, if what was ordered was nothing to do with your gig, They might be able to make it not affect your eval stats.


:frowning: I have tried to act as honestly as possible. But I’m still in time to contact the CS

So contact them if you haven’t already and see if they can cancel it without it affecting your eval stats. They might take a bit longer to respond on a weekend though.

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