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Buyers request is not updating

I am new here. I was getting orders via buyers request. But buyers request is freezed and is not updating. Is there any solution to this.

Try autorefresh,or refresh your browser manually.

Clear cookies…may be then it will get updated…

Thank you. I tried both but it is not working for me.

Thanks. I did this but of no use.

Is there any other way to get orders?

Hi there, i understand your problem. Make a attractive gig and promote your gig to social media network. I am sure you 'll get earning. All the best. :slight_smile:

You send offer of buyer fast when buyer request Post is fresh. You will Trying send offer between (1-5) Then you can get order soon. Its my Experience.


This is my problem. I am not able to see fresh post. I see only old posts.

Change your hashtag in category gigs.

If your rating above 90% there will be an update to the buyer request.
If your rating 90% to take it, the update will stop.

This happened to me because of one bad review of a new consumer

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You should make specific gig title!

great work

“Great work”, for what??

please tell me some social sight name!Already I completed two order.My rating is 4.5 and my gig is not show on search box,What can I do for it?

  1. try creating another gig for the same category or different one,
    Then after publishing it check the buyer requests.

  2. check through mobile app

  3. check by creating a new id and a gig in same category.

If nothing helps in getting new requests, contact customer support.
or maybe the reason is no one is posting new requests.

I have experienced the same problem this morning, my buyer request page had zero requests for a couple of hours, around noon it started updating + I’ve changed some of my hashtags (also I’ve seen a couple of people reporting this issue, maybe it was something temporary).

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