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Buyers request is really bad!

I made 5 gigs and i get only few requests some days no reuqests at all and this not okay maybe cuz im new but
when a request appear , the offers supplied to the request is so much , in 1 minute a request had like 100 offers… people are now just spamming the request just to get an order and i’m here getting none… x(

Please check my services and tell me if the this categories are not viral on the site or idk …

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Yes, it’s really bad, but send your offer despite the number of people already making them. Most requests are automated rubbish, so you always have a chance if you make a good one on the spot.
From what I read it takes most people 100-300 offers to get their first order, so polish your method and keep on going.

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I often respond with just im capable of this work please contact me… what is the best approach to respond to a request? can you type an example of like a photo editing request so i can use it as an inspiration? thank you

It happens .Nowadays , competition rate is too high.For that you must find out the solution of that request and don’t give a robotic response as well.

that’s the problem … when i try to write a response that offer already have like 100 offers , so no chance of the buyer to see my response x(

This is not a big issue .If you wrote what clients exactly wants and you meets all requirements through writing he will definitely pick you up if he reads all .So , here numbers of sending offers is not a big problem if you are perfect.