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Buyer's Request Issue

I’m not too familiar with the rules of Buyer’s Request, as I don’t send them a lot. But I’ve been trying to submit an offer on a request and I keep getting this error: “Something went wrong, please try again.” I’ve tried refreshing the page, closing the browser and launching a new one, etc, but I keep getting the error each time. Which leads me to believe Fiverr is blocking me from making an offer on this request?

For those of you who are familiar with Buyers’ Request, can you help me to understand what might be the issue here? Why am I getting this error?


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Someone mentioned it could be because of many things being selected within the offer I think. If you are selecting quite a few things for the offer (eg. ticking quite a few of the checkboxes) try reducing the amount of those.

You could also screenshot it and report it to CS as it could be a bug that they could get fixed.

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Okay, thank you. I will try the selection thing again. If that fails I’ll just contact CS.

Coming back to say it work. I clicked only two boxes and it went through. Thanks again!

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