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Buyers Request Malicious Files


so does Fiverr’s anti-virus really works??
Yesterday I download an .TIFF image file from Buyers Request (which fiverr let me, cause if it was a virus it wouldn’t start downloading, as per fiverr’s policy) and as soon as I opened it the photo block my entire screen, nothing was responding.
I had to restart, delete that and clear all my photoshop data.
Do you guys think .jpg or .png files are atleast safe ? Should i download them ?

I’ll be very thankful if i could get some advice about what to do.


The short answer is: no, not always. They try but nothing is full proof.

Check this out, or search ‘virus’ on the forum.


.tiff is a validated file for Photoshop, should generally be safe. How big was the file? .tiff files can be layered like .psd files. So if they’re too big, they might crash your Photoshop and mess with your temp files and cache.


It wasn’t…just 30mb, I’ve worked with over 200mb psd so I think its very unlikely. Image formats should be safe and all. So i have no idea what was that

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