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Buyers Request - my gigs not matching the request?


I need some guidance in using the Buyers Request section. So, I often see a request and my gig is perfect for it, but whenever I click on send order, that gig of mine does not show up but instead it shows my others which have nothing to do with that request. For example, someone wanted an android app review and I tried changing the tags several times but there was no way it would come up to send the offer. It is sooo frustrating. My solution was to message the clients directly with a custom offer but whenever the client has a longer username I am unable to find him/her.

Does it also happen to you?

It happens often on mobile device. Just send them any gig and mention it " Please visit related gig from my profile, I couldn’t attach it here due to a bug".

I’ve been doing that a lot but no one ever contacted me so I thought that it might not the the professional thing to do. But now, I will consider it again. Thanks!

This is not in your control. If the person submitting request had put the request in category that your gigs are not setup with then you will not be able to attach those gigs unless you add them to those categories. This is how it works with the buyer request section!

It’s not actually a bug. Requests are matched based on category, not tags. Your approach might still work, but calling it a bug might deter a buyer who worries about the integrity of the offer so I’d leave that out.

Thank you so much for your replies! I now understand where the issue was. Next time, I will try changing the category in order to submit my offer. You guys are amazing!

Thank you so much, it really helps me a lot…

Thanks for sharing this. Although I haven’t experienced it, but your way of going around it really is fantastic.