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Buyers request not showing?

i want to spend my 10 buyers request every day, i observed that in the morning it shows and some of the date of the posted request are posted yesterday, after that there will be no new request for so many hours and when there are new request some are from yesterday and some are new.

can someone explain to me why?

Thanks guys i know some have the same problem i hope someone helps us.

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I have a theory that they only update them in a batch every few hours, although that’s only my guess. At certain times there will suddenly be a ton more.

Either way, although they might not update on time, there should still be enough for you to send requests when they do come up.

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Thanks somaginer1996,

yesterday afternoon there were a lot, just keep refreshing guys every 15mins or 30mins sometimes where will be more than 12 that will pop out.

i hope this helps other newbies and dont lose hope if you still dont have your first sale.

Yeah, I’ve found that weekdays generally mean that BR is pretty busy. I don’t think you have to refresh that much; while a few buyers might go for early bidders, I find that most of them prefer bids that actually address their original request.

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Funny thing today, i didnt got any new buyers request refreshing all day >.<

i had the same problem when i was new to fiverr dont worry this happens you’ll need to be online on fiverr continuously at start to and refresh every half hour for buyers request apply to every single request at start so that when you start engaging you’ll see more buyers requests
turn on always online button in settings

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Thanks for the reply, i got spammed by the request i just got more than 30

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From my past experience, I have noticed that buyer requests don’t show up until you have a gig with 3 images at least. Try adding as much images as you can. You’ll see buyer requests within an hour.