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Buyers Request Not Working


Don’t know what happened my buyers request isn’t active i don’t get anything in buyers request as the whole day I wait for it buyers request section is always empty and I contacted customer support too they said maybe your category isn’t receiving any request … so you guy can see I have gigs in logo and Wordpress category do you think from last 3 days there wouldn’t be any request from any buyer ?
don’t know whats this? Fiverr is getting worse day by day.
please help. as fiverr is overcrowded nowadays so getting an order without buyers request is like impossible


This doesn’t sound right. I don’t go on Buyer Requests any more because it was filled with sellers the last time I looked. It was like the Wild West! Check with CS again and explain that there must be a bug.

And good luck!


they say i am a beginner so i cant see much buyer requests :frowning: now they have limited the buyers requests for beginners :frowning:


All new sellers can only see a few Buyer Requests in the area their gigs are made for. When you get to level one then you will see 100’s of Buyer Requests. However, it is disappointing because most of them are old requests that must have been filled, but for some reason are not taken down.


thanks alot for help


No, no, no, that’s not how this works. Please do not beg for sales.


no am not begging brah i am just asking in mood :wink:


You were begging. And I’m not your “brah”.


haha no i wasnt. and sorry for brah if you mind someone speaking politely.