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Buyer's Request; Offer $50,000? Are These Buyer's Trolling Us?

I visit the Buyer’s Request page sometimes and see buyers offer high amounts for a job that people only pay on a more professional level. Not saying the work on Fiverr can’t be work that amount but makes me wonder if these people are for real. I mean…this is Fiverr, the reason I think customers come here is to find cheaper alternatives. I won’t mind collecting the industry rate for the jobs I do, at least I know I’m good for it but these requests feel like someone is pulling my leg really hard.
What do you guys think, has anyone received $100,000 on a job on Fiverr? And if you have, master please show me the way!!:pray::pray::pray:

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Did that request also include a link? There’s been a new up-cropping lately where ‘buyers’ attach a huge budget to a request, but the goal is only to get sellers to click the link. This generates web-traffic, which they get paid for.

Not saying this is the case for every high-priced budget, but without knowing the content of the request, can’t know for sure.


:joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:Buyers troll us alot on this hood…we see alot of ridiculous requests…i saw a request the other day where the buyer listed loads of job requirements and have many strict conditions.,.,.,.when I checked the price.,.,boom, 5dollars…WHAAAATTTT? :dizzy_face: :hushed:
the bigger shocker was him saying “there is no negotiation on the price”

and now the bigger bigger shocker…18people already sent offer.

OMG :flushed: :hear_no_evil:


most people just send request like fools, they just send send send without even reading conditions or looking at the price!

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well…i understand many people are really really hungry and desperate to get orders, and they wouldnt mind how ridiculously the request might sound or look.

I am pretty sure the highest custom offer someone can make here on Fiverr is $10000, and someone did earn that amount for an order a few years ago. I didn’t see anyone else post on the forum about anything similar

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probably most of them are fraud they just want you to click the link as @imagination7413 mentioned but some of them without the ridiculous amount of money can be real buyers too . so upon visiting the link if you see its a spam though it is hard to tell because i saw some of them are posting like “i need these wordpress theme and plugin mendatory for my project” so logically you cant say they are spamming but what you can do is report them to fiverr explaining what they are doing and fiverr will take care of it in their own way :wink:

No links, in fact most times they look like serious requests.

Looks more to me like wishful thinking.

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