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Buyers request on phone but not on laptop


I use Fiverr app on my smartphone to check and offer my gig to Buyers Request, sometimes the buyer have shared some image which they want to get work done on, first things I can’t download that, no idea why :frowning_face: and second thing when I go to my laptop at the same time and open Buyers Request over there, I can find nothing. It simply says “No buyers request” , really, I am looking at the request on my phone but I can’t see it over my laptop.

The app and the Fiverr web is not co-operating with each other.

Also, I can not see those requests again, not even from my smartphone if I closed that page once or refreshed the page.

I am not sure about the other sellers but it really irritates me. I have just started working on Fiverr, I want to learn things. I have been searching on this topic for many days, when I did not find anything I thought to start a thread my self.

I hope I am not irritating you guys but this really needs attention, if this issue can be fixed this can help new freelancers like me a lot.

i, the seller should see “No more offers can be made”, or “Offer limit reached” so the sellers know they can’t send in more offers, but at least we should be able to see the requests raised under the categories we are working for. This will help a lot.

:sunny: I would like to know the suggestions from other buyers as well as from the Fiverr team about this topic.

Sorry for this long post but I spit out everything that was in my heart :heart:


Fiverr’s smartphone App not only has several bugs in it but also lacks all the features that the website offers.

That’s the reason why I use the App only to respond to messages and receive notifications so that I know when I receive a message on Fiverr. Every once in a while, I also check my stats/earnings on the App. But that’s about it. I mostly use the website as it is more reliable/trustworthy.

I am pretty sure Fiverr is aware of the things you’ve mentioned. I think the App was designed to give a helping hand to Fiverr users and not to completely replace the website.


Yeah I am fully agreed with you but when you are not with your laptop, you have to check the buyers request from the phone app itself, so you don’t loose a valuable customer, but instead of helping the app dooms. :cry: .
I hope we would be able to get assistance from Fiverr to help us by solving these issues.

Thank you for replying, :slightly_smiling_face: I am now a bit relaxed that it’s just not my account facing these issues.

Also, if we talk about the website, if I refresh the request page even from my laptop, the requests disappear. Does that happens to every seller? :thinking:


Yes , you are right, but I think the team Fverr should also keep in mind that no body is always carrying their laptop with them and they can’t switch on their laptop multiple times a day just to check the buyers request. :thinking:


Yes. But you can still access Fiverr’s desktop website on your smartphone web browser. :smile:

So, if you have your phone with you and have access to internet, you can access Fiverr’s website whenever you want.


That is right, however, then there is no need for the Fiverr mobile application, I suppose.


when I tried to access to the website from my phone´s browser the option of buyer request doesn´t apear and I can´t tap it. Do you know why would that be? :C


@rebecamallo Neither am I able to do that. May be the website is not 100% responsive to the phone browsers.


@digi_artist I found a solution a couple of days ago.

-enter to “buyer request” from your computer.

-copy the URL and send it to yourself by e-mail.

-now, on your phone, open the URL in the phone’s chrome browser.

That worked for me.