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Buyers request only shown at 8 PM CET


So before I start I just want to emphasize that this is not 3-4 days thing. I performed test for 2 months before making my report toward Fiverr customer support.

I live in Europe and my working hours (availability) are from 8 AM to 9 PM. As new seller i get to see buyers request occasionally, but Fiverr CS states the following:

  1. You must keep in mind that due to your location in Europe, most active users may be on different timezones and for your Gigs, the most active users seem to be at what is the afternoon/night for you.

  2. There is nothing we can do on our end as the system automatically releases the requests as they become available and there is no schedule for them or anything we can do to modify it so you only receive it during your day time.

  3. The buyer requests do not have any specified time of posting, they are uploaded once buyers create them.

Now, back to me. What is happening to me is that during the daytime from 8 am till 8 pm I get 1-3 max buyers requests on a daily bases (so just 3 same all day long) and then at 8 PM, I get 10 or 20 requests.

Now I can not reply to them since I have 1 hour left before I go to sleep.

According to Fiverr, I see BR when they are created, but what I have in record is that no buyer is putting anything online and then 20 of them do it at 8 PM exactly.

If this was random, like 6 pm 9 pm I would agree completely with Fiverr CS, but every day for 2 months I have the same situation, very few BR shown during day and then 10-20 and more exactly at 8 PM.

I presumed this is some setting in Fiverr system since I see no other reason why all day I get little BR and then I get more in one big pile at 8 pm when it is too late for me.

And why not 8 am :D?

Can anyone share some light on this?

And please do not respond where to find BR and how come you can not see BR, this is not a topic for that.


I’ve noticed the same thing. I’ll get a couple throughout the day, and then a new batch seems to come in around 1am-5am. I’m not entirely sure about the time, because I’m always asleep when new requests arrive. All I know is that when I wake up in the morning, I always have new requests.

Is it a Fiverr setting? Is it just coincidence? I’m not sure, but it feels like a pretty intentional thing to me.

And it’s not like all the requests (at least for me) are coming from one country either.

Another thing that I find annoying is that sometimes “new” requests will pop up that are a day or two old. So offers that work perfectly for me have already been sitting there for some time when I’m scrolling back through requests.

I’m not complaining exactly, because I do get a fair bit of work from buyer’s requests when I apply, but it is strange.


But if the glitch is somewhat working to me like that I would be ok. But I get new at night and in the morning nothing, they are gone. So I have nothing to apply to entire day.
And yes, because they appear old they already have offers.

I think it comes down to when the site gets updated in different locations. Aside from some things like messages and orders, I think most of us just see a cached version of Fiverr that is periodically updated at different times in different areas.

I assume this is why gigs disappear from the search after editing them. However, this is only a theory.

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I think that I will stop looking at BR altogether. It is middle of the night and I get best BR but I am going to sleep so it is pointless to send offer.

@marinapomorac I’m so sorry you’re facing this issue and I don’t know what’s happening… Here in Nigeria, I do see a lot of buyer request even as a new seller… There are specific time that the request do show… It will show in the morning at exactly 6:10am (upto like 100 requests), same thing around 1:00pm (but like 50 requests), same thing at 5:00pm and also same thing at 9:00pm… Maybe you should try to track the time those requests do come out in the morning and afternoon… It took me a while to track all these timing and I noted those time once I was very sure.

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100?!? Never in two months, I had more than 20 shown, and 20 happened once. And there were days when I was up and on the Fiverr for more than 18 hours.

I never had 50 requests shown.

I only get them once around 8 pm, 10-20 max. And that’s it for the entire day.

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I actually noticed that I get most requests exactly at 8pm CET (9pm in my timezone). I can check at any time of the day (and I often do), when I’m not busy with anything I refresh the BR page every 3-5 minutes and I get 0-2 requests during the day, Same story for late night, which is supposed to be the most active time for buyers on fiverr. Then suddenly I get a bunch at that hour.


I do not know why you are facing this issue at your region.
I do get enough buyer request in a day…

I checked your gigs… like 4 of the gigs are in logo design category…

I diversify my gig niche, maybe that’s why I do get a lots of buyer request… I even created a gig and I put it in “Other” sub category, because some buyers do post request in “Other” sub category when they are not sure of the niche of the service they want.

I’ve noticed a BR listing come 2 times a day 12 hours apart on average for me. And usually nothing in between.


I only have one gig in the logo category. Can you explain how did you see they are in the logo?
And the others are the same as yours plus extra for proofreading, and I have one in other and in a virtual assistant.
I have gigs in seven different categories.
Logo, video animation, explainer, tracing, illustration, proofreading, virtual assistant other. Only one is in gd under the logo.

So the same as me. And do you get 10-20 or more like bodmass, I never got 100 BR. I can barely use five offers a day since I see no BR.

:disappointed: I’m sorry I didn’t really click to check, once I saw logo at some of the gig title, I already concluded they are all in logo design category, because most sellers do create 3 or more distinguish logo gig in the same category.

I agree with you 100% about the time of posting buyer requests. I am from Kano Nigeria, and exactly at 6:10 this Monday morning, a request was posted in my subcategory which is a translation. It may be because I am a new seller, that is why I saw only one request. I join Fiverr for less than a week ago

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@marinapomorac these are the buyer request I got this morning, if after 5 minutes and I refresh, another set will come, the buyer request continuing to show for like 20 or 25 minutes before the request completely disappear in the morning, and another set will show in the afternoon, same evening and night.

The request show late this morning like 6:30am…

@muhdkano you can create up to 7 gigs as a new seller… You will be seeing enough buyer request.

In the same category?

In the same category, or any category of your choice… You must have enough skills of the gig you will create.

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Okay, thank you. I will give it a try

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This is not happening. You say 7 gigs enough BR but I see nothing all day and then 10 maybe at nighttime, and half is obvious scammers.

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