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Buyers request option

What is the meaning with to have an buyer request option when 70 % of fiveers sellers cant get any work? My suggestion is: Take it away fast!

Hi There are a lot of people who will almost do things for free and there are others like myself who want to make an income although I do use other means to get work as well.

Fiverr is a huge site so I think that they are doing the best that they can. Remember if you do not make money they do not either. Maybe check out the tips section on the forum here and you may find some tips to help you


This looks like an auction and who have the lowest price wins! Thats not what i hope sellers will have cause all quality of good work disapeare and the cheeperst gig wins!

Reply to @escape_: You are right. I want people to order my gig because they like my work. I don’t know if the buyers in buyer’s request section are that deeply engaged in the buying process. They could very well be looking at mostly price.