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Buyers Request Page on App, but not Website?

Up until a few days ago, I enjoyed looking through and selecting buyer requests on my computer through a link on the fiverr dashboard page. Now I can’t find that link! I can find the buyer request page on the app on my phone. It’s not a matter of not having any buyers requests- I understand that at different times you may not have any available in your category to view. My frustration is not being able to find the entire page on the website. I must be missing something! It was right there just a few days ago! Any ideas?


Exactly, I find it difficult to view buyer’s request on my computer too but easy on app


My Profile>More>Buyer Requests.


Alright, thank you for this info

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Thank you for your reply! That’s exactly what I used to see. Now I am able to see the Buyers Request page on my laptop, but the page is different on my desktop PC. Puzzling! My Chrome is up to date… not sure what else to check.


It could possibly be the zoom level of the page on your desktop Chrome browser. Please try the following shortcut when you are on your “Dashboard” page on Fiverr. It will reset the zoom level to the default setting (100%):

For Windows OS:
Ctrl + 0 (the number key zero)

For Mac OS:
Cmd + 0 (the number key zero)

Once your zoom level is reset to 100%, you might now be able to see the option “More” at the top of the page.

Thank you. That was a great suggestion! Unfortunately it didn’t help. But thanks!


Hello susan, I am being generous today and thought I would try to help.
You say that it looks different from your desktop and your laptop. There are so many factors that could cause this. I will list a few below:

Different browser.
Laptop is viewing the mobile responsive version
Desktop is viewing desktop responsive version.
Your screen resolutions are different: responsive version.
Page is zoomed. (no longer applicable)

Here’s what you should be seeing:


Tablet/small laptop

Phone/Small Device

All of these can be seen just by resizing your browser window. Are you viewing any of these?

Thanks for your generosity! I see what you have identified as the desktop view on my laptop. It’s my favorite, but I use my desktop in my recording studio. What I see on that is very different- I really miss the bar at the top with the different options. It still gives me what I need and I just need to accept viewing the buyers request page on my laptop. I think your suggestion that it’s related to the resolution could be the issue. Thanks for your time.

Sure no problem. But to be clear. You are viewing the “Desktop” version on your laptop correct?
And if so, you would access your requests:

If this isn’t what you see at all, maybe you can provide a screenshot. I’m very curious.

Thanks! Here’s what I see! This is my profile page and my dashboard.

Ah okay! Yes, that is definitely the resolution. There won’t be much you can do about this unless you increase your resolution on your computer. If you’re curious about changing the resolution or checking to see if it can be enlarged a tad:

“Right click” on your Desktop.
From the menu that pops up, select “Display Settings”.
A new window should open containing various settings.
Look down where it says resolution. Click the dropdown box and you should see a list of resolutions your PC is compatible with.
Do take note of your current resolution in-case you don’t like it and want to switch back.

You will have to select 1280x1024 or larger. This should solve your problem and display your menu as before :slight_smile:

You should also know that switching your resolution will slightly change how things are displayed. Some resolutions may not “fill” your entire monitor so you might have to test a few.

Mine currently sits at: 1920x1080 on my laptop.

I hope this helps!


Todd, Thank you, thank you for solving my puzzle! I will play around with the resolution. I hope this helps others, too!


@susanlouise216 Thanks for your query. I have been also facing the same issues. It helps me a lot.Thanks once again.

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I did not find the option of 'more" in chrome and also in app. Help me to solve this problem.

Should I have to change the resolution of mobile?

You are replying to an old thread. Just an FYI, the mods don’t like seeing old threads pop up in recent activity.

As for your question, try zooming out.

I was also faced this situation. You can simply fix this problem just click on browser zoom-in and zoom-out option. when you click zoom-in that means you will find mobile version resolution when you will zoom-out you will find desktop version.

BTW thanks who solved this puzzle and help-us.