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Buyers request page!

What is it with Sellers advertising their services on the buyers request page, This is very irritating and kinda getting out of hands. Don’t we have admin here or what???

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Hi! I’m so glad to have found this topic. I was wondering the same. I’ve been reading through the forums and heard how a few individuals received their first orders through Buyers’ request but when I went to check, ALL of them were those advertising their services. I understand the frustration!

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Hey, same happening here, even I am tired to remove them from my page

it’s so annoying and irritating

It’s one of the many reasons why I don’t use BR.


How then do you send offers. #AmANewBee.

Same feeling here.

There are forum mods and admins, who do a really good job with the forum, but they can´t do a thing about Buyers Requests, just like there are, btw, or at least were, if they survived the recent repairs, a felt 1K threads on this same topic on the forum.

Your best bet if you want that madness to stop is to complain to Customer Support as often as you find the time, with always new screenshots to slowly wear them out just until they can´t take it any more and threaten fiverr with strike, until they’ll do something about it, like having (enough) staff to control it, or at least add a ‘Report’-button, which should help them with that. The last paragraph is a wild guess on my part only. No guarantees for anything. :wink:

miila has said it all. Report button will do just fine

very annoying indeed. Something has to be done asap as such actions confuses potential and upcoming sellers.

So irritating! I placed a buyer request recently and noticed that it was unpublished for a couple of hours pending approval. That made me wonder how seller requests get approved by the admins to begin with. Very annoying indeed!!!


I am agree with you.

Same here

Makes me wonder how on earth those “sellers requests” find their ways to the page in annoying quantities.

It’s not #AmANewBee, It’s #AmANewbie.

Btw I don`t think he needs BR. LoL.

Slowing down an already busy staff desk with the same request will only get your support facility disabled and perhaps will get you banned.

I actually created a gig to Mentor and send it to those sellers who post in the forum. They seem desperate for sales, so why not help them out.

BR is garbage yard

Agreed its very teasing…