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Buyers request , pls come in

Greetings great minds,
how do you approach a client ,which template do you use well please i’m here for you to educate me . please i anticipate your replies
thanks in advance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Firs of all, welcome to Fiverr!

Since you are new to Fiverr, keep in mind that sellers do not get to contact buyers; it’s the other way around. You will need to create a gig, and when a buyer chooses to contact you, only then you will be able to reply to his/her message and start a conversation.

As for reply templates, you can save a quick reply for greeting your buyer. There’s an option for that in Fiverr.


thank so much for your time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

When you get a Buyer Request in your stream that matches your strengths, you can apply. You don’t need templates for that. Simply show how you are a strong contender for doing a great job.

Just be aware that many BRs have expectations that are way beyond reasonable or fair for pay way below reasonable or fair so don’t prostitute yourself as most BR people never translate into properly paid work.


I’ve sent offers to 3 BR and got a positive answer on the third one. Now I have been here for only a week, but what I did is simple:
1- Be friendly, you are a human and so is the buyers, so don’t write like a robot. There is no need to be overly formal.
2- Show that you took the time to read their request, mention some elements of their request in your offer. This show them that you don’t just sent copy/pasted offers to every BR you see.
3- Be short and sweet, strait to the point. Don’t write them a novel, buyers gets tons of offers, if it’s too long they may not read it.

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thank u so much :kissing_closed_eyes: