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Buyers Request Problem

I have always seen people on Buyers Request trying to promote their gig so I tried it and it got declined. I was so confused because I am new to fiverr and thought that it was a mistake. So, I did it again. The same thing happened and then it got declined too! I then realised that I was not allowed to promote my gigs.

A few weeks later, I saw people on Buyers Request saying they needed a job. So I decided to do that too since it isn’t really promoting my gigs. I got declined!

Can someone please tell me why Fiverr declines my requests but not others?!

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They didn’t get caught.

Also, don’t worry. Only sellers look at BR, so they’re not getting ahead in terms of business. Whatever responses they’re getting are most likely from other sellers who aren’t even reading the request closely, just blindly sending offers.


Maybe your last request contained something against the ToS?

I’m not sure but I tried to copy what someone else wrote but it got declined

You advertised your services as a seller - that’s against the ToS, and why your request was declined.


The Buyers Request option for the buyers only, for example: any buyer say I need logo etc… , and you can send him an offer because you seller, but some sellers don’t understand this topic :thinking: and I agree with @somaginer1996 , in addition, this option is available only for the buyers to request from any sellers, and available only for sellers to send offers to these buyers. :grinning: