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Buyers request revision just to keep the order open

Some of my buyers used to request revision saying that “I will review your work soon.” They do this just to keep the order open so that they can have more time to review. Is this allowed?

It just increases my expected delivery time of my gigs unnecessarily.


Wow, I think you spotted that right, and they always wait to just before the deadline to request a revision too.

IMHO, it’s resellers doing this. They order multiple gigs so they can give their client choices. If the client doesn’t choose your work, then the Buyer orders revisions from you until you’ve lost so much on the order that you cancel rather than continue to bleed money and risk a bad review (even if you don’t offer revisions).

That bull crap happened to me last week.

So, I’m contacting their client and telling them they need to pay me for the work I did on their behalf, and I’ll send them to my Fiverr gig so they can reimburse me there. There’s nothing in Fiverr’s TOS that says I can’t do this and I’m sure Fiver won’t be bothered by any money I recover.

Me and Fiverr need to get paid!

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I am sorry that I may not be able to help answer the OP’s question but I have some doubts of my own regarding this… lol…

I have not been on the receiving end of a revision so far (because I am a relatively new seller) but when a buyer requests for a revision (like in your case… “just for the heck of it”… in order to keep the order open), do they tell you what has to be changed?

Or is it a case where they don’t want any actual revision from you and that they just clicked on the request a revision button?

The reason I am asking is cuz once you get a request for revision, isn’t it mandatory that you re-deliver the order with a file attached with it?

So, when the buyer asks for a revision and doesn’t specify that something has to be changed in the order, what file do you attach along with the re-delivery?

No they request revision without even saying what they need changed. It looks like they needed more time to review. So they come back at the end of 3 days and request revision saying something like “I will review your work soon.”

Yes. But I think they are yet to decide if they want a revision or not.

I don’t think it is mandatory, if I have already delivered the file. I hope you can attach a screenshot of your last delivery or just say “You already have the file”. (Someone can correct me on this if I am wrong.)

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