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Buyers Request Search Not Working

I’ve been searching different keywords and getting the exact same results.

I hope Fiverr fixes this. I don’t like searching by category (branding services) because there’s a lot of irrelevant requests.


Does the search work on exact terms or whole words? What happens if you search for logo or brand name, instead of logos and brand names? I know if I was writing a buyers request, I would probably say I need a logo, rather than I need logos…

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Same happening here. There are 2 buyer requests which has been there since 16 May 2018.

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The search fails either way. In the past, the tool was more effective. If you searched “logo” or “logos” you’d get

I need a logo!
I need someone to fix my logo
I need 5 logos

I only search with simple keywords. Singular or plural didn’t make any difference, I could search headline, emails, political, etc, and usually I would get relevant results.

Either way, I noticed Fiverr did a major redesign on the phone app, in every order, etc. As usual, Fiverr changes and there are unintended consequences.


I also post a bug report on fiverr contact for same issue. Now it is fixed in my end.


Not for me. No matter what I search, I get the same results.


Apparently, what they’ve done with Buyer Requests now, is organized all requests into the All Subcategories drop down menu. So if you want to search for requests within a specific category? You’d click on All Subcategories, and then from there choose the category that most fits the requests you’re looking for.

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The search doesn’t work for me either in the buyer requests section, even though it did a long time ago.


try login again and check

I’ve loggin in again (and also had to reset/change password etc.) and the search option in Buyer Requests still doesn’t work, thanks.

Does the search option work for you in the Buyer Requests section?

I’m getting the same issue since last 2 months - contact support at least 15 times but didn’t get any solution till the date. I’m tired of explaining the issue to their support guys. Either they are not able to fix it or they don’t care anymore. Is there any alternative to filter/search the buyer requests?



You can filter by the category (specific category or “all”).

There’s no alternative way to search for specific text in the buyer requests section. Maybe one day they will fix it. I’ve got an open support ticket about it from 4th June.


I’ve been doing that, some buyers are posting requests in the wrong category, so I try to go through all of them.

Same bug have Android application .