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Buyers request section filled with seller requests

I just logged on to fiverr a few minutes ago to check the buyers request section and then,
the first few requests I see is basically sellers promoting themselves.
Some sort of action should be taken for this I guess…



Yes, I notice this all the time and sometimes it can be a bit hard to determine whether or not they are buying because of the phasing they write. Maybe they could have a section dedicated to promoting gigs so this wouldn’t be the case.


I think that would be a horrible idea :confused: People would just keep spamming if such a section existed


Ha Ha … This is not something new… You will find lot of desperate idiots there since the time buyers request was started this is happening im sure Fiverr is also doing things to keep it clutter free but you can understand there are millions of members here so it becomes difficult at times…


My 5r Gigs (Section for Promoting Gigs)


I put in a Buyers Request, and it was rejected for looking like I was selling (actually, I just wanted a proofreader). If a legit request by a Fiverr non-newbie isn’t allowed, but ‘Try me, I write article for free’ is okay, what’s the deal?


Yup. I get rejected for legit requests as well.

Whatever filter system they are using really stinks!

Spam sellers get through — Non-spam buyers get rejected!

I do have to wonder how that conversation between the seller who spammed and the seller who bid would go. Love to be a fly on the wall for that.


…and this is why I almost never check out buyer’s request, but that “please buyer come hear please please” is quite something…that’s taking desperation to a whole new level. :cold_sweat:


Hahaha ikr xD I have no clue what’s happening

I’ve gotten some work out of buyers requests so it’s worth taking a peek but I don’t invest much time for the reasons everyone is saying.

Yeah…true…i think fiverr should add report button to buyer request area.

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I’ve trolled a few of them by sending an offer that said “ok you can pay me $5 for you to do something”, haven’t got any orders yet…

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This is a huge issue… I really hope Fiverr figures out what they can do to at least improve the Buyer Requests section soon.
I have hope that one day it will be free of spam! :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to vote, everyone, not that it did much good yet, but who knows, the more voters/comments in one place, the more attention it might get. :slight_smile:

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Sad part was when they rejected my request when I posted “I need someone to render my After Effects project file which is in 20 seconds length”

I don’t know but Fiverr seems to need to tighten up their rejection process if someone looked at yours and was like “okay lemme flag this” and I can attest to Buyers request sections having sellers at least floating around… and my gig was denied for an impossible reason. Its been a while since I got to see the buyers request section but I hope there’ a report button at least. Let people with eyesight report that.

Indeed, I have written a similar comment before. The way I look at this if nothing is done about this attitude, I wonder how it will look like in future. The funny aspect is the way they rush on buyers, it’s very funny and scary too. This is one of the reasons most buyers return their work for repetitions because sellers rush on them with even low prices. These are really the $1 for 1000 words. Desperate Sellers!

I like your point. The begging approach to buyers demeans our services and professionalism, which makes them to end up asking for a custom sample before they buy. If some buyers aren’t careful, they will get nothing out of their services.