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Buyer's Request Still Open/Closed?

Hi everyone,

My question is, how does one know when the buyer has accepted one of the sellers’ offer? Do all the other Sellers get notified once a deal is made?

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Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing if a buyer has already selected another seller for one of their BRs.

Once you apply for a particular BR, you will ONLY receive a notification if your buyer is interested in working with you.

There is no way of telling if a buyer has accepted someone else’s offer or if they have just not picked anyone yet or if they have just withdrawn their request.


There is no way to know. The buyer still has your offers and can decide to choose multiple sellers from their side and not just 1. Also the buyer can choose to place an order weeks after you submitted your order

That’s unfortunate :expressionless: . Anyways, thank you for your replies, gentlemen @franklegacy @hanshuber16