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How to get proposals accepted from buyers request panel ?
I know there is experience needed,hot words,gig’s look and depends on reviews,but i want to know if any of you have better experience about it,
Please advice me and check my gig category is Wordpress.
I used to send copy paste proposal few days then i made changes in it and tried to read them something different from rest of them i got positive responses got replies but didnt get any proposal accepted yet.
Your suggestions would be appreciated :slight_smile:

If you got positive responses, you’ll probably get orders if you keep trying. Buyer Requests is very useful but it’s also hit or miss. When you use all your requests every day for more than a week, that’s not good. Once you get something going that gets any responses you are already on the right track, though. Keep trying although only bid on requests that you can really do well.

I didnt understand as you mentioned bid on requests everyday for more than a week its not good,why is it not good ?although i know a beginner gets his start from buyers requests section and obviously he can get more custom sales instead of just $5.
Do my gig need changes ? if you bear to have a look please
thanks for telling in details