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Buyer's Request!

Is it just me or the buyer’s request is not working?
For the past few days, I am ng buyer’s request. The only time I see them is late at night. Due to this, I am unable to get reach out to buyers


This is not just for you. That’s for everyone. :sunglasses:

The Fiverr system approve the requests first that are submitted by buyers in every 24 hrs or sometimes 12 hrs. After approval of all requests then they appear in buyer request section.

This is the algorithm that works differently for each category of gigs. You have to keep checking mid of day time or mid of night time. Mostly new requests appear during these timings.

Good Luck! :+1:


I agree with you completely.


Happened to me too, sometimes I think I ACCIDENTALLY saw the buyer requests. Happens to me too. How can I get work if I don’t get a chance to send requests?


It’s the same with me. There is one hour in the day that I get about 30 buyer requests. The rest of the day - nothing :slight_smile:


This is exactly what I am worried about

Yes, and sometimes the clients don’t know what category they are posting about, and there you go with 1 buyer request that you do not need.

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I can feel you, and that’s not good, Buyers did random posting of category, especially “anything” :sleepy:

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This may be of interest to you: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, Etc.)


Then how you pay all of your bills, brother ?

Try to keep on topic!


Hello crazyeyes997,
If you want to be a freelancer you need to rotate 180deg your activities. You consider your night as a day and also day as a night. Then you will get more jobs. After 4.00 am you will so many jobs are posting. Otherwise, you do not get proper amount buyer request.

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your answer is already close this topic actually :roll_eyes:

Note that the reason you aren’t seeing buyer requests is simply because you currently don’t have a level.

The higher the level one has - the more buyer requests are available to them.


It’s a common problem for those who are new and don’t have any level badge.

You will get a lot of buyer request when you will get a badge.

in the mean time, Share your gigs to social media, do some marketing of your gigs, i’m sure you will get some boosting in the order. :slight_smile:



When you achieve level one status, you will see 300-400 buyers’ requests, but if you haven’t achieved any level, you will not see anything in the buyers’ request section, which is indeed a little disappointing for the new sellers. Fiverr rules and regulations are getting harder day by day.


I don’t make my money solely through buyer requests, fortunately :slight_smile:

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whisp me some of your lil secret :eyes:

you don’t need to worry, just do some of “make-up” to your gigs and description (maybe) and use fiverr mobile app to check your buyer requests more often, and make sure you’re online and can give fast feedback.


I am also not seeing any buyer request. So what can i do?